Weekly Interest Rate Overview

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Current Indices For Adjustable Rate Mortgages Updated November 13, 2009 Daily Value Monthly Value 6-month Treasury Security 0.16% 0.16% 1-year Treasury Security 0.32% 0.37% 3-year Treasury Security 1.36% 1.46% 5-year Treasury Security 2.28% 2.33% 10-year Treasury Security 3.45% 3.39% 12-month LIBOR 1.234% (Oct) 12-month MTA 0.544% (Oct) 11th District Cost of Funds 1.272% (Sept) Prime Rate 3.25% (Dec) Looking for [...]

First time homebuyer tax credit extended and expanded!

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Home buyer tax credit extended, expandedSan Francisco Business Times – by Kent Hoover   The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday that would extend and expand the tax credit for first-time home buyers. The provision was included in a bill that also extends unemployment benefits by an additional 14 to 20 weeks and lets all companies, not just small businesses, [...]

Rate Watch Week of Nov. 2

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Rates moved up slightly again in the past week. Freddie Mac announced that for the week ending October 29, 30-year fixed rates averaged 5.03%, up from 5.00% the week before. The average for 15-year fixed rose to 4.46%. Adjustables were also up slightly with the average for one-year adjustables rising to 4.57% and five-year adjustables increasing to 4.42%. A year [...]

$8000 Tax Credit :: Expires in 70 Days!

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Are you taking full advantage of the Goverment Stimulus Programs for Homeowners?  Did you know that the $8000 tax credit will expire in 70 days?  When you consider that the average transaction takes between 25 and 30 days that means you only have roughly 45 days to locate and get into contract on your house. Did you know that rates [...]

Oakland under $100k

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In the past couple of days there has been lots of discussion with clients regarding a recent blog post of mine about multiple offers, as well as the article in the paper from last Sunday’s Chron ( .  It appears that if people aren’t running, they are confused. These discussions have prompted me to delve into Oakland’s inventory under $100k.  [...]