Out of Area Sellers

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Did you know that you don’t have to be here to sell here?  With the age of the internet and technology it is easier than ever to sell your home from afar.  Sometimes I never even meet the seller face-to-face.

Texting, email, e-signatures, and skype have all made it so easy to communicate that it isn’t necessary to be here.  You could be selling your Albany, CA home and living in Albany, NY.  You could be living and working in Seattle and need to sell the Berkeley condo you bought for your kids while they were attending Cal, but now live back in Seattle (hopefully not with you!).

With electronic contracts and forms I can easily email you all of the required documents needed to sell your property.  While you are doing your day-to-day activities from your city I can be meeting with contractors, inspectors and stagers.  Once a buyer is found you can electronically sign all contracts needed to ratify the sale.  You do not even need to be here to sign the closing papers, the money can be wired directly into your account.

So if you are living in Denver and need to sell in Rockridge then give me a call, I am here to help.